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PC: CSX Paint Jobs...


Back on line after computer failure 2 weeks ago.  Third new monitor in six
months, and then had to read and delete 143 PC and eBay related e-mails.

Anyhow, on the way back from a funeral in Ohio a week ago Saturday I was
bombing down I-75 though Cincinnati due to the closure of 71.  My wife
mentioned "oh look, a train"  so I look up to see a single SD with a string
of cars.  The SD (too busy driving and shocked by the paint job to notice
what type it was) had a yellow nose with CSX in blue lettering on it.
However, the side was dark blue with a gold/yellow C&O on it!!  Did this
loco luck out on not getting Chessie and CSX paint somehow?  It looked nice
as I whipped by, so I think it is a recent paint job.  Is it a one off or is
this a hint of things to come, just think of how some modern diesels would
look with cigar bands....

Garrett Rea

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