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Re: PC: CP 115?

if they do another CP like they did up here, it's a great place to watch
trains with a scanner - up here they added CP 290 on the old NYC mains
where it's still 4 tracks.   as a result there's been a foreman with stop
boards for 2 months and for a week the signals were off and they ran DCS
between CP 286 and CP 291 - every train's symbol, lead engine annouced on
the radio before it got there.  one afternoon the dispatcher didnt stop
talking for 20 minutes straight!

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

From: Josh Weis <nhlives -AT- bestweb.net>
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Subject: Re: PC: Re: PC Mt. Kisco station 

>BTW, is anyone familier with Bronxville, NY?  The old PC tracks that go
>through there were once 3 tracks but now only 2.  The Metro-North RR wants
>re-install the third track.  However the rich NIMBY's in yuppie filled
>Bronxville don't want it.  Does anyone remember seeing the three tracks
>through Bronxville, NY?

Metro North WILL be going through with the "mid-harlem triple track", which
will run the third track currently in existence at Fleetwood north and just
north of Fleetwood implement a new set of switches (CP-115?), and then
extend the third track up the existing right of way, joining it with the
existing "middle" track at Crestwood.  MN was looking into extending the
third track to the CP just south of Scarsdale, but it'l never happen north
of Crestwood.  The EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) said no way to the
third track north of Crestwood, because of wildlife and park land.

I'll go to Mt Kisco this Wed., and Pleasantville tonight.  I live seven
minutes from Plea., and twelve minutes from MtK.



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