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PC: Re: electrics

We have a Long Island MP54 in our collection to the NY State Fairgrounds in
Syracuse - other than a few repaints and some window replacements it's
virtually as it is when they got it, way back in 1968 or so - even by then
according to the sign made for it, it had been stored for some time.  
Anyone remember what the uhpolstery looked like on these?  even sitting
here, this one's not bad as far as comforts - it gets used to show slides
during the fair.  some of the seats have some broken springs, but that
could have happened sitting there, too.  worst problem is the lack of A/C -
it never moves so even with the windows open it stays hot inside!

(Just to give an idea the former D&H C.J. Brierly is coupled to it and that
is nice inside, and all original)

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

From: Thomas K. Trower <tktrower -AT- earthlink.net>
To: 'penn-central -AT- smellycat.com'
Subject: PC: electrics
Date: Friday, June 19, 1998 1:31 PM

What happened to the PRR P5's and P5a's?? Did they survive into the PC
years? What was it like riding the MP54's in the PC years? Were they
starting to show their age? Also, what was PC's relationship with Amtrak?

Josh Trower

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