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PC: FGE cars


Wanting to break the long stream of red and green boxcars, I decided a while
back to get some Microscale decals for FGE cars, HO set 87-238.  I then put
them aside and followed some other persuits, i.e., I had yet to buy an

Last month, I bought two FGE kits off of eBay from a friend of mine.  They
are old Details West kits.  These kits included Champ set HR-70.  The Champ
set differs in that a, it included the data for the cars (bloody
Microscale!)  b, it includes the two black stripes that run the length of
the cars, and c, the quality (Champ's lack-of) of the fonts of the reporting
marks between the two sets.  Both sets include the roads other than PC that
were part of the FGE pool.  It is my understanding that Walthers made a kit
of the FGE cars a while back and there was a PC version as well.

Ok, I have the decals and info, however, the only good photos that I have
found are in the PC color guide and these are the later cars that do not
have the side stripes and are new PC construction (built in VA) with
off-center doors.  Also, the cut-off date for red to yellow ends and the end
of the side stripes appears to be 1969, is this correct?  The kits I have
are center door 50' cars also, so pre 1969? and look
identical to the other prototype photos in the Microscale set.

I have some other photos of these cars (not good or it is a photo of an SD40
with one in the background) but I am looking for ANY info on these cars.  I
have YET to  see one with PRR marks either.  I am focusing around 1968-70
also, so I was going to do one PC and one PRR.

If anyone can help with this, please let me know.

Garrett Rea
Mt Juliet, TN

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