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PC: Re: PC still has phone listing

>FWIW,I was in Richmond,Indiana the last 2 days on business. While extremely
>bored I perused through the phone book. Low and behold there is a listing
>for the Penn Central Transportation Company under railroads in the yellow
>pages. Phone number was lsited as "Enterprise-4219". This was in the Fall
>phone book.

Wow, that is bored! Not that I have never done the same thing on the road
:-)  Did you call?

I think my father bid on a contract (lost if I remember correctly) to do
some work for PC dealing with land they held in the late 1980s
(mapping/GIS?).  If I am correct, the Penn Central office he contacted was a
two man deal.  I forwarded this to him, so I'll see if he remembers this or
if I am even close on this one.....

Garrett Rea

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