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Re: PC: Cut Overs

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> Date:          Thu, 3 Jun 1999 16:54:27 -0600
> Subject:       PC: Cut Overs
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> Now you take and split the railroad into two parts and it becomes 
> even more complex. Give NS and CSX credit for pulling this off. 
> Bob Stafford

	They haven't pulled it off yet. They have diverted traffic onto
	their own rails and apparently dropped other traffic. I have only
	seen 1 southbound off of the Marion Branch in three days whereas
	there should have been 3 or 4 a day. Cars are sitting in South 
	Anderson Yards and the Indy-Cleveland main is all but dead. Do 
	you really think that shippers and the STB will put up with this 
	very long? If they don't start moving loads, Conrail will come 
	right back into existance and NS and CSX will go bankrupt.


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