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Re: PC: Goodby Conrail

>> >stopped paying CR $26G a year for use of the bridge by routing 
>> =
>> >lines near the bridge under the Hudson.
>Nope, you're wrong. CR did not feel it was worth maintaining the 
bridge for
>$26G a year only for Central Hudson and did not renew the lease and 
>power was turned off before CR sold the bridge. CR originally hired 
a Texas
>demolition company to blow up the bridge that never happned.

As stated below, information from the Poughkeepsie Journal, a 
reputable newspaper. (The oldest in NY, in fact.) Your source for 
conflicting information? 

>> Incorrect. CR sold the bridge. It was the new owner who doubled
>> Central Hudson's rent immediately, causing them to move the lines
>> ASAP under the river. Information from the Poughkeepsie Journal 
>> the time.

> > It gives them a good New England route from Port =
> >Jervis area as well as Croxton since there is no other Hudson 
> rail =
> >crossing.=20
>Wake up. The tracks may be removed by you know who, but the ROW is 
>intact. I suggest you go there and walk the line. If it was as you 
said, NS
>Officials would not have wasted there time looking over the line 
back in
>February. You're not up on current events and only believe what you 
>from othere.

I know what I have seen with my own eyes. The ROW immediately to the 
west of Route 9W on the west side of the bridge is built up about 20 
feet higher than original. Some sort of pipeline or power line was 
apparently installed on the ROW. It's not just missing track. ROW is 
obliterated. I see this 5 to 6 times a year, when I go to Ulster 

The substantial concrete bridge and its approaches over US44/NY55 was 
torn down last year. I pass by this every time I go to my dentist.

I'm fully awake. I know what I see. Substantial physical impediments 
to relaying the line exist. It's not going to happen.

When was the last time you saw the line where it passed under US9W? 
When was the last time you saw where the bridge USED to be over 
US44/NY55? For me, both were in the past few months.

> On what ROW. It doesn't exist anymore.
> Peter King

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