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Re: PC: Goodby Conrail

Much east-west traffic on the route. Who cares about Selkirk. The EL did not
pass through there and neither did LHR. There was no shorter route between
New England, PA  and Binghamton/Scranton.  One trans-Hudson crossing 150
miles north of NYC makes no sense and cannot compete with trucks who have
many Hudson River crossings. Why keept it? Look at I-84's competing route
and you will see it makes sense to keep and use the only Mid-Hudson rail
crossing/ BTW the bridge was vandalized 5-8-74 not '70-'71. Get your data
correct. Bridge not rebuilt because CR who was formed back in '74 had no
desire to use the line and thus PC did not waste the money rebuilding a
bridge that would not be used by the coming owner. NS as of recently has
been eying the bridge for reuse. Time will tell

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>  > track-less rights of ways where trains ran endlessly. And it is
Conwreck who
>  > damaged the Maybrook Line ripping up the entire line west of the
>  > Poughkeepsie Bridge.
> I am curious to know what purpose the Maybrook line served once New Haven
> was taken into Penn Central?  The B&A line handled the majority of freight
> traffic into and out of New England during PC's tenure and Conrail. With
> the P-bridge burnt out in 1970 or '71, nothing went across the Maybrook
> line for Conrail.
> Why keep it?
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