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Re: PC: Goodby Conrail

Conwreck may be gone, but the damage they did can be seen all over with
track-less rights of ways where trains ran endlessly. And it is Conwreck who
damaged the Maybrook Line ripping up the entire line west of the
Poughkeepsie Bridge. Conwreck was a backwards thinking railroad who always
throughr they could run trains better with less lines, something that failed
and needed the bailing out of CSX and NS to keep the remaining 1100 mile
system going before they go bankrupt. CSX very well turn out be an extension
of CR and start ripping up where CR left off. CSX may become CSX=ConSal for
Consolidated Salvage Corporation

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> Well, it's finally gone - yes, after 23 years, 2 months and enough
> abandonments that will never be forgotten - Conrail's operation of the
> ex-PRR, NYC, EL, LV, NH and other northeastern railroads, is over.
> I for one, am glad that Conrail is finally gone.  I'm a New York Central
> and welcome CSX, as if it were the NYC.  Of course CSX, Conrail, PC or any
> other railroad that ran, runs, or will run ex-New York Central lines, can
> never be as great as the old NYC was, CSX has a chance to get close to it.
> In fact, I regret that CSX is not getting more of the old NYC than they
> It would be great to see an even split with NS getting the entire old PRR
> CSX getting the entire old NYC, but it aint happening that way as we all
> Regarding the line abandonments, it is obvious now that CR was going WAY
> the line.  Prior to serious talks about the split of CR, Conrail had
> on selling the Syracuse, NY - Montreal "Montreal Secondary."  CR's line
> abandonments had gotten severely outrageous.  I have heard nothing about
> having any plans on selling the line thankfully, so at least that much of
> old NYC will stay under one umbrella.  After all, CSX is probably glad
> have the line - from a railroad that didnt even extend into New York
> to a route directly to Montreal.  Northern New York State once had quite a
> bit of New York Central lines, and as of yesterday Conrail only owned and
> operated the old Water Level Route and the Montreal Secondary which is
> made up of the ex-NYC St. Lawrence Division.  I mean, it's one thing to
> abandon or sell off a small branchline here and there that serves barely
> businesses, and costs more to operate than the line makes, but the
> Secondary - I dont think so.
> I have quite a bit of memories of CR of my own, but I'm glad it's gone.
> may say "but CR saved the old Water Level Route", and to that I say one
> thing.  In doing so, to obviously acheive the goal of a single New
> York-Chicago line, they destroyed more of the northeastern rail system
> PC did.  Now let's wait and see what CSX and NS hold for the lines that
> carried the proud trains of the New York Central, Pennsylvania, Erie,
> Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, Lehigh Valley, New Haven Railroads, and
> the other beloved railroads that are now but memories.
> Good bye Conrail, and I hope your ending means more trains and better
> for a region that has been without railroad competition for too long.
> John W.

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