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PC: Re: PC/EL: Irony -Reply

Fred Stratton <erielack -AT- cbiinternet.com> wrote:
Actually it was a plot by Mr. Crane to make it profitable and then get his
boys in Norfolk back what they wanted in the first place ( their own rails
to NYC) without all of the heavy debt that went with it 23 years ago.

Agreed, the government, N&W, and Chessie referred to it as the
"firewall" all trackage east of Harrisburg and Albany except the B&A. 
Too much terminal trackage, especially the CNJ.

Mr Stratton continues:
Remember they had it in Dereco, (EL, D&H) but didn't want the debt
burden and didn't integrate it into their system. They got it now and may
be spending more money now than if they held onto it in th 60"s and
rebuilt. Of course now it is leaner and the money losing branches are
gone. Just my .02 worth.

I would  just like to add a few things to Mr. Strattons answer.  If anyone
is interested in reading an assessment of the deregulation at the dawn of
deregulation see a book edited by Paul W. MacVoy and John W. Snow
called "Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform"  It came out in
1975.  The John Snow who edited the book is the same John Snow who
is now the CEO of CSX Corp (formerly Chessie).  See especially Chapter
11, Assessment of the Regulatory Reform Sections of the Railroad
Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act.  It is quite amazing how much
of what Snow says is now true.  Remember, CSX made the first move to
acquire Conrail and NS (a spurned CR suitor) jumped in fearing total
exclusion.  Snow is a shrewd guy.  He carefully monitored the
deregulation debate, allowed the government to struggle with new labor
deals, abandonments, shedding commuter service (1983), new pricing
flexibility, technological improvements, Amtrak deals, and infrastructure
rehabilitation.  When he saw the moment was right, i.e. the government /
CR went as far down the deregulatory / abandonment road as they
were likely to go, he made is move.  Kudos to him. (my $.02)

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"  

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