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Re: PC: Re: Re: Conrail's Final Hour

In a message dated 5/31/99 10:41:31 PM EST, ERIE-LACKAWANNA -AT- prodigy.net 

> CR was no PC. They did much to ruin the system. Most forgot CR was like
>  Amtrak, owned and operated by the govenment. PC was the best railroad ever
>  but mismanageed by PRR executives who thought they were still running PRR
>  than PC much like DLW's William White who thought EL was still his DL&W.

Well unlike Amtrak they didn't have the constant political battles for funding
as their status was different from Amtrak; Congress pretty much gave 'em a
pile of money and let them have it and run the railroad. And of course CR has
been a public owned corporation for 15 or so years. As for whether they 
the system it was something that other roads were willing to fight over to 
control of at the end of the day......

Hail and Farewell!!


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