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PC: Re: (erielack) Fw: Decals

From:           	"Phoebe Westbound" <pipesnlinen -AT- mkl.com>
To:             	<ErieLacker -AT- aol.com>
Copies to:      	"EL Chat Group" <erielack -AT- internexus.net>
Subject:        	(erielack) Fw: Decals
Date sent:      	Thu, 25 Mar 1999 13:18:42 -0500

>The following is from another list, this may be of help to PC modelers
wanting decals.
Bob Stafford

> I thought that everyone on the list who models might like to have this
> info. Larry Berger was talking to Rich Meyer of Champ decals at the recent
> O-scale show in Chicago and he now has the capability and the desire to do
> short runs (three or more sets) of his discontinued decals. The prices will
> range from that of a normal current set to that of his Signature line. So,
> if there are any of you out there who are looking for a particular set that
> is no longer available, give them a call. I just contacted them, and
> ordered 4 sets of E-36, Lackawanna Steam loco in O-scale, and they said NO
> PROBLEM!!! We will contact you with price and availability. Hope this helps
> out some folks,
> Matt Forsyth
> ----------
> From: Phoebe Westbound <pipesnlinen -AT- mkl.com>
> To: Bridgman, Geoff (Cahners) <GBridgman -AT- cahners.com>
> Subject: Re: Decals
> Date: Thursday, March 25, 1999 1:01 PM
> Geoff,
> I just got off the phone with Champ and they WILL run ANY of the
> discontinued sets with a minimum order of 3 sets. The price is going to be
> anywhere from $5.50 to $11.00 depending on the quality of the old art work.
> Some of their artwork is 40 yrs. old and needs to be updated and digitized.
> If this is the case it will run you the higher price. If no updates are
> needed then the price will be the lower or somewhere in between. Give Champ
> a call at (701) 852-4938 and talk to Kim. Tell her the set # you want and
> the quantity and she will work it up for you and call or e-mail you back
> with a price. DL&W heavyweight pass car set P-28D and the NYC&StL set is
> P-15, but my catalog shows that number is still current. Check it out!!
> Matt

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