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PC: Re: Some Qs about detailing P2K E7 and E8 for PC.

  I'll give this a try.

>I have three P2K locomotives ready for the paintshop to be done on the
>PC colors.
>I need to know some details, for the E7 and the E8.
>I have some photographs from the Web page and  seems that at least one
>of the side round windows on the E8 are blanked, Thatīs right?

Panels containing port holes were replaced sporadically.  Some units had all
of them replaced, some units had some replaced and other units had none
replaced.  There doesn't seem to be a standard for this so It's best to look
at a photo.

>Also concerning The E7, the photograph I have is from what seems
>Ex-PRR unit, with flat numberboards and lift rings.

Ex-PRR units are pretty easy to identify.  They have the lift rings on the
nose.  These lift rings are on F units as well.  The number boards are flat
on PRR E-7's the best that I can tell.  I'm sure there are exceptions.

>I have a PC roster, and it shows that 7 units of the E7A where in the
>PC.  Where all ex-PRR or some are ex-NYC?  Also, is posible to get the
>exact number of this locos?

Ex NYC E-7 road numbers:
4001-4002, 4005-4008, 4010-4012, 4014-4015,4018, 4019, 4021-4035
Units 4001,4002, 4005-4008 had the small side mounted number boards

Ex PRR E-7 road numbers
4200-4206, 4208-4214, 4216, 4217, 4219-4221, 4223-4235, 4237-4239, 4240-4245

>Did the PC roster any of the NYC or PRR E7B booster units?

Yes, PC rostered E7-b boosters

>Also, I would apreciate any help concernig horn type and location of the
>ladders in the front.

Horn and grabs(ladders) varied from unit to unit so once again it's best to
look at a photo .

Alot of E-units were scrapped or retired through out PC's tenure.  Some even
"donated" their prime movers for the Dewitt RS-3 rebuilding program.

>David Santamans
>Barcelona, Spain
Hope this helps

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