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PC: Third Rail boxcars

Hey gang,

I was at a train show this past weekend (NMRA Division 5, Mentor, OH)
and I saw at least two dealers selling custom-decorated PC boxcars
from Third Rail Graphics. I remember seeing the boxcars with TOC
(Toledo & Ohio Central--the "tick tock") and P&E (Peoria & Eastern)
reporting marks.

I realize this is nothing new, as Gene Fusco told me about it a while
ago and it has been on my Model Railroad page on the PC web site. But
I figured I'd let everyone know who was wondering about them that, yes,
they are still out there and available. I still wish I could get
contact info for Third Rail, though.

(In case you're wondering, no, I didn't buy any of the boxcars. I
have decided that I'm not buying any more freight cars until I get
the 50 or so kits I have built first. I did buy an undecorated Atlas
RS-1 that will soon be getting a black dip paint job in preparation
for PC decals.....)


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