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Re: PC: C628

George et al:

It is HO and it is great, too slow to MU with my SDs, so may have to get
another one :-) or wait on the C630 (wait being the key term here!)  This
loco is great.  The instruction sheet states that Detail Associates is
planning a detail set for it too.

Speaking of slow, anyone else have the P2K GP20?  That has to be the slowest
loco I have seen- Are the GP7s the same speed?  I know a P2K NYC GP7 came
out.  Is it in cigar band paint or lightening stripes?


Hey guys, what scale gauge is this ALCO?  I seem to recall that the PC
tried to use ALCO 630s?or 636s as mid train slave units; similar to what
Detroit-Edision had on their unit trains. I believe the
receiver-transponder box was mounted below the cab as there was no room
behind the cab such as on the DE engines. I believe that only 5or6 units
were so equipped and it didn't last very long. I know we use to have
alot of trouble with the DE in trying to get their radio codes to snyc.
The word was that the ALCOs were unreliable in mid train, that they kept
breaking down. Of course it seemed on the PC that everything kept
breaking down. GeorgeAlberti

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