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PC: Re: HO Scale 50' Troop Sleepers

While not a PC car, there is an express baggage car that was converted
from a troop sleeper at the North Alabama Railroad Museum in Huntsville,
Alabama. The former Monon car is now used for storage. NARM also has an
unmodified (and unrestored) troop sleeper.

For those interested in a restored, original car, visit the B&O Museum in
Baltimore. For that matter, anyone interested in railroading should visit
the B&O museum. It's one of the greats. They are very helpful to
researchers, too.

Bryan Turner

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On Sun, 21 Mar 1999 10:58:37 -0000 "Garrett Rea"
<Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net> writes:
>>I have it on good authority that Central Hobby Supply in Syracuse NY 
>>soon have 50' troop sleepers.  >My question is, did any of the NYC 
>survive until PC and if so, at that
>>time what were they used for?
>Didn't some of these cars enter REA service later in life?  I have 
>photos in TRAINS of them, will look later when I get a chance.
>Garrett Rea-

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