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PC: Re: Re: HO Scale 50' Troop Sleepers

Yes, the Troop cars made it into PC.  Most were only relettered NYC cars but
not repainted. About 25 years ago after REA went under, there were about 30
stored in the Greenville Yard in at least three colors and logos to the then
newest red bold logo.  These however these were not Troop cars but standard
50' SD Plug Door cars.  PC last used these cars for baggage handling when
they were short of the 9100 series PS Baggage cars. After PC contracted the
service to Amtrak in '71 the cars were scrapped
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> >I have it on good authority that Central Hobby Supply in Syracuse NY will
> >soon have 50' troop sleepers.  >My question is, did any of the NYC cars
> survive until PC and if so, at that
> >time what were they used for?
> Didn't some of these cars enter REA service later in life?  I have seen
> photos in TRAINS of them, will look later when I get a chance.
> Garrett Rea-

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