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Re: PC: CSX vs. CSXT

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Date sent:      	Tue, 16 Mar 1999 21:28:06 -0500
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Subject:        	Re: PC: CSX vs. CSXT
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The present AAR interchange rules only allow for up to four letters 
in a reporting mark. This is due to the fact that only 4 fields are 
allowed in the computer program for the intintials. Also only 6 fields 
are allowed in the program for car numbers. In the pre-computer 
age when everything was typed or written by hand then it made no 
Bob Stafford
> Check the current Official Railroad Equipment Register and I'll bet you 
> find reporting marks are now only up to 4 characters. Yes, in the 
> distant past, read as pre-70s, the ampersand was allowed and reporting 
> marks were longer, but not now. Kurt

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