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PC: Athearn drives

>Here here!  My RPP SD40 has an Athern drive on the RPP frame and an 
>can motor.  I hoped that the bulk of the noise in Athern drives came 
>the motor.  However, I found this not to be true.  Also, why do Athern 
>trucks never stay in gage????
I've never had that problem with my Athearn engines. The only problems 
I've had with my F7's and Baldwin switcher, is that annoying top contact 
strip on the motor kept getting bent. I've since replaced it with wire, 
and the problem is gone. The Baldwin is noisier than the F-units, but it 
appears to be mostly the gears causing it. But, it's still quieter than 
my Bachmann Plus F40PH!

--Chris Osterhus
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