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PC: Re: Stewart's Alco C628 And InterMountain F Units

Don't Highliners shells mount to Athearn frames anyhow?  I suspect that the
only actual Athearn improvement would be a better motor, unless they decide
to retool the frame so you can model a loco with the fuel tank skirts
removed -

Bill K.

> From: Gene.Fusco -AT- lsil.com
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: PC: Stewart's Alco C628 And InterMountain F Units
> Date: Thursday, March 18, 1999 9:45 AM
I am told the initial units will
> have internal mounting lugs that will allow them to fit on Athearn and/or
> Stewart drives. (Didn't say which Athearn dive, though... standard or
> Genesis)  Intermountain will be producing their own drives for these
> as well.  No info on when the drives will be available.
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