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Re: PC: Re: PC employees

THANKYOU: TO all of you xPC and pre-merger Conrail employees who wrote.
I guess I was just in the right place at the right time. Conway was a
old PRR shop and when I hired in most of the employees were within range
of looking to retirement. Those men were a proud bunch, and they felt
really bitter over what happened to the PC. They wanted to blame it on
the NYC segment of the merger. They were good mechanics as most of them
had successfully made the transition from steam to diesel. Bankrupt or
not these men had alot of pride and they were really proud to keep the
fleet going as best they could. Litterally robbing Peter to pay Paul so
a locomotive could go make a trip. That spirit of the PC carried over
into Conrail for awhile. Some say that PC was to big for itself; but yet
look where we are today with the huge megamergers or buyouts. Its as if
we have come full circle back to thinking that big is better. Well, the
PC will always hold a special place for me. One thing though, with NS on
the scene: It looks like were going back to Penn Central black. Now, if
we could just get rid of that horse on the nose.   

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