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PC: Re: PC employees

At 06:04 PM 3/6/99 -0500, penn-central -AT- smellycat.com wrote:

>Are any of you folks PC veterans and still with the railroad? George

Hi George:

    I was a brakeman working the extra board out of Collinwood (Cleveland)
from May of '73 until the onset of Conrail. Lots of downtime due to furloughs,
etc., so I opted to change careers in order to keep the bills paid.

    It was a great time, one that I wouldn't trade for anything...got to
work with a lot of interesting people & equipment, and took in a lot of
sights, sounds, etc., that have long since disappeared.

   Congratulations on making it to your silver anniversary.

Bob Rothrock
bobr -AT- tridelta.com

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