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Re: PC: PC employees

Hey George & Co!

Congrats on making it 25 years.  That qualifies you as an official survivor.
I hired on 19 years ago to work in the Penn Central towers I visited as a kid
but by that time, Amtrak owned them.  (Landover to Perryville).  The towers
still all had PC green signs and we used a lot of PC paperwork (train orders,
train sheets, even the electrical operating instructions!).  Plus most of my
coworkers were ex PRR or PC people.  I moved south (RF&P) to better my
standard of living on a railroader's wage and ended up working in Jacksonville
with the ex-P&LE dispatchers (Oops, wrong thread).  I grew up with the Penn
Central and it will always be a part of my railroading heritage--even if I
never drew a PC paycheck.   (Luckily, I've never had to wonder if my paycheck
would clear the bank!)

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