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Forwarded by "...dear ol' dad" off of PRR talk-  Is this an ex PRR/PC unit?

Iowa eh?  Should be down here in Nashville and join the two in NYC paint...


>Sighting News from The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP...
>Westbound at this time on Conrail... 3rd unit on PiBr7...  PRR E-8A
>This is apparently one of the two units painted in authentic PRR colors
>formerly operated on the Blue Mountain & Reading.  It left Conway Yard
>early this morning, headed for Toledo, OH...  then on to Blue Island, IL.
>The 5706A is reportedly consigned to Trans-Global Rail in Marshalltown,
>Those wishing to photograph:  Lead unit of PiBr7 leaving Conway is CR
> 2nd unit is CR 6791.

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