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PC: Re: Union Agreements

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I suspect that what you have here is a prior rights union agreement. 
Those who had senority on that trackage had first rights to any job 
on it. After all the prior rights men have bid or bumped on jobs and 
there are vacancies then anyone else from the senority district can 
place or bid on the vacancy.
BN Bob
> As a sidelight to the "what if" train of thought, my son recently found a 1987
> Conrail memo at the Detroit Michigan Central Depot (abandoned since about
> 1990). That memo was about calling yard and freight crews for extras and
> divied up who should be called first by PRR and NYC. Quite fascinating to me
> that nearly 20 years after Penn Central, the "reds" and "greens" were still
> separate, even under Conrail blue! FYI, Michigan Central became part of NYC
> through a 99 year lease.

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