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Re: PC: FW: 10 question electric quiz

> 1. What does SEPTA stand for?

Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority

> 2. Name all the  block towers SEPTA still operates.


> 3. The SEPTA branch breaking off from the NEC at North Philly is named
> what?

Norristown line?

> 4. What was the first PRR electric outfitted with dynamic brakes?


> 5. What modification did PRR execute on GG1 4800 that kept it from ever
> pulling passenger trains again?

Steam generator-ectomy

> 6. Name all the active stations between New York Penn and Trenton WITHOUT
> looking at a schedule.

Ack! Um,

Metro Park (Iselin)
New Brunswick
Princeton Jct

> 7. Is PORTAL a swing or draw bridge?

Swing bridge over Hackensack river in Secaucus, NJ.  Site of November 1996
Amtrak derailment

> 8. What was PATH called when it was owned by the PRR?

Hudson & Manhattan, I think...

> 9. What does the EP in EP-5 stand for?

Electric Passenger  (or Exceptionally Powerful :^)

> 10. How many GG1's where built?



> What is the paint scheme AMTRAK put on its GG1's(besides the black)?

Sliver sides, red "noses" and single blue stripe. "Amtrak" in black.

> What is possibly the only place on the PRR system you can find wooden
> catenary poles?

At the wash racks at Sunnyside

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