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PC: FW: 10 question electric quiz

10 question quiz, how good are you REALLY??

1. What does SEPTA stand for?

2. Name all the  block towers SEPTA still operates.

3. The SEPTA branch breaking off from the NEC at North Philly is named what?

4. What was the first PRR electric outfitted with dynamic brakes?

5. What modification did PRR execute on GG1 4800 that kept it from ever pulling passenger trains again?

6. Name all the active stations between New York Penn and Trenton WITHOUT looking at a schedule.

7. Is PORTAL a swing or draw bridge?

8. What was PATH called when it was owned by the PRR?

9. What does the EP in EP-5 stand for?

10. How many GG1's where built?


What is the paint scheme AMTRAK put on its GG1's(besides the black)?

What is possibly the only place on the PRR system you can find wooden catenary poles?

10 points each.

Extra Credit three points each.


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