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Re: PC: Re: PC Black

Happy Holidays list members!  I want to locate some actual os type of train
sheets from the following interlockings circa 1970-1975.  Sugar Street-NS-
Delphos-Estry-Adams-Mike-Dunkirk.  All of these towers were located along the
Ft. Wayne line Pitt. to Chicago.  Any info. or help is greatly appreciated.
Gene Fusco- lovely paint jobs.  Not too many people understand that black
isn't always black.  Jim Six-keep the P.C. articles coming.  Jim Hebner-thank
you for your work on the coming Historical Society.  Also, I would be
interested in any special runs of P.C. decals.  If you know where some of
these train sheets can be located, please E-mail me off the list.
Pennctrl1 -AT- aol.com.   Thanks, G. Dent  Columbus, Ohio  

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