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PC: Flexi-Van, tank cars, Nashville E units, and decal status-


Did anyone do a Flexi-van flat in HO?  I have seen these in NYC and PRR
passenger consists, but not in PC-  Drop when loss of mail I assume- and
then to TOFC service....

Still have not heard from anyone on appropriate tank cars for 1968-72.  Any
suggestions whatsoever??  My understanding is that the Atlas fishbelly tanks
are a 60s prototype.

Per a conversation at work today I have found out that the BN units in
Nashville were rebuilt in the early 70s and are well used up.  Re-confirmed
the lack of reliabilty of the two ex-NYC units, and they all were NYC/PC/DOT
locos excluding the BN units.  Some of the TC museum's varnish is ex-PC as
well.  On my way in to downtown this morning I saw that two of the BN Es
have dissappeared, may be in Lebanon now at the N&E HQ.

Decals, do we wanna wait and see what Microscale comes up with, otherwise
are there enough PC nuts to warrant a Champ run of 200 of a set, and then
which sets?

Garrett Rea

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