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Re: PC: What killed PC?

Some Norfolk Southern units are still sublettered NW for Norfolk and Western,
SOU for Southern, CNO&TP for Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific, CGA
for Central of Georgia. I have seen these a number of times on trains through
Silver Springs,NY on joint NS-DH pool trains. As for the Penn Central,  the
looting of the treasury by David Bevan, inept management at all other levels,
tight government regulations and g overnment subsidy of the railroads' other
modal competition all were among the nails in Penn Central's coffin. The
Executive Jet Scandals did not help matters any either. EJA nearly went belly
up due to the same kind of mismanagement that helped to sink Penn Central.
Having to take in the New Haven Railroad also did Penn Central great harm as

Jim mancuso

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