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PC: Penn Central Posts For Trade

Hello Penn Central Fans. Hereís that chance to find those Penn Central
Post magazines youíve been looking for to complete your collection.

Iím looking for the following Penn Central Post magazines. The PC Post
magazines listed below the ones Iím looking for to fill my own
collection are available for TRADING ONLY, none are for sale. One PC
Post Mag I need for one you need. I would also trade PC Post magazines
for copies of the PC Railroader magazines prior to 1976. So dig into
those Penn Central Post and PC Railroader mags and check for any doubles
you might have or perhaps know where you can find some. Most of the
magazines I have listed for trading are in good to very good condition,
they're a few exceptions. This is first come first serve.

Good Luck,


Iím looking for these Penn Central Post Magazines

1968 - Mar, July, Dec
1969 - Jan, Feb, June, Nov
1970 - Feb, June, Oct
1971 - Feb, Mar
1972 - Apr
1973 - Jan-Feb

I have these Penn Central Post Magazines For Trading Only

1968 - May, June, Aug, Oct
1969 - Mar, July, Aug, Sept, Oct
1970 - Jan, Mar, Apr, May, July-Aug, Sept, Nov
1971 - Jan, Apr, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov-Dec
1972 - Jan, Feb, Mar, May, June-July, Aug-Sept (Red), Oct-Nov, Dec
1973 - March, Apr, May-June, July, Aug, Oct-Nov, Dec
1974 - Jan-Feb, March, April, May, June, July-Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov-Dec
1975 - Jan, Feb-Mar, April, May-June, July-Aug, Sept-Oct, Nov-Dec
1976 - March

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