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Re: PC: [PRR] MO tower is gone (fwd)

Like some other railfans, I too cannot really remember the towers.  

When the mills left Pittsburgh during the 1970s, most of the RR traffic 
died off, and the towers were closed.  Most still stand, however..but 
they're either falling apart or boarded up.

Old RR equipment surviving in Pgh:
1.  PC passenger car "Martha Washington" (? Haven't been there in 
awhile!) currently sitting across from the "Daily News" building in 

2. Misc. P&LE equipment at Station Square.
3. The ex-P&LE station at Station Square.
4. Amtrak's ex-PRR station.
5. PCC trolley cars (well, I don't know if these are still around...)
6. Elevated crossing shanty (also in McKeesport, just a few blocks from 
the passenger car...)

However, I do remember my parents riding downtown, and getting stuck 
behind one of the trolleys!

back to the towers..
One of Pittsburgh's towers appears to be operating still.  It can be 
seen while heading into the Hazelwood section of town. But, it's on CSX 
at the entrance to their "Glenwood Yard."

--Chris Osterhus
Central Penn Station 

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