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Re: PC: [PRR] MO tower is gone (fwd)

Quite the contrary, Thomas the Tank engine is bringing kids to the rails in
droves.  It piques their curiosity, then when they see the real thing, BAM!  We
have new railfans.

As to MO, I managed to visit the inside in 1990.  It was a cold February day and
the coal furnace only added to that classic "tower smell".  Now for the PC
relevancy to my message:  Did MO ever have a green PC-font sign on it?  I've
never seen a picture of it with one.

J. Erik Landrum, K8DTI (formerly KB8VRZ)
DT&I Historical Page http://w3.one.net/~kb8vrz/dti.html
"He's dead Jim.............."

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