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PC: [PRR] MO tower is gone (fwd)

Damn!!!  ;-(

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Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 02:11:21 EST
From: Sean121982 -AT- aol.com
To: conrail-talk -AT- dsop.com, prr-talk@dsop.com
Subject: [PRR] MO tower is gone

From: "W. Terry Stuart" <tstuart -AT- forcomm.net>

It looks as though MO Tower never existed!  Yes, the auxiliary building
housing the air plant and mechanical facilities remains.  And the ugly
metal "box" is still there...  the present location of the 'MO' sings.

But MO Tower?  Gone!

It happened today (12/7/98)... rather quickly.  A crew I talked with who
had passed through Cresson, PA earlier in the day noted "people around,
some with cameras."  But it seemed to them the tower was there.

Tonight, when I checked, it wasn't!  

There was nothing there save for a couple pieces of construction equipment.

And as reporter earlier, neighboring AR Tower is Gallitzin, PA is slated to
go next.

Farewell, Old Friend!  I wish the town had worked harder to save you.  But
your memory will last forever.  I was inside a couple of times.  Even met
one of the female operators.  For years MO was worked by "Mary," who had
hired out during the war.  Of course, female operators are no longer
unusual.  Three of them now work 'C' at Conemaugh and ALTO at Altoona.

At least I got my pictures Sunday, of some of the final trains to pass MO.

Another sad day for Pennsy fans, and Conrail fans, too.  Probably one of
many these days for the latter especially.

MO will live on, though, at least in miniature.  One of these days it will
rise again in HO scale on my layout.

Sorry to have to report the final bad news.

For followers of Art Bell on the radio, perhaps he was right after all. 
Something very bad did happen on December 7th.

We all lost a friend!

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