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PC: Re: PC Preserved

I got to see some shots taken around Juniata early this month today.  among
the cars in shots were:

an unrepainted X72, green very rough and rusty

an "unknown" 60' PC boxcar

a decent looking 86' 4-door boxcar still in PC green

a row of cabooses including an N5c, an Erie bay window and 3 NYC/PC/CR bay
window types.

most dominant of the stored cars were brown CR cars with some RDG and
others, but the green cars still stuck out here and there - if someone gets
that way might want to look for the high-cube, it looked good and appeared
to even still have PC reporting marks.

If I can I'll find out who's they are, if they want them scanned - 

Bill K.

Bill's Syracuse rail page 


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