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Re: PC: Speaking of Ovals and Keystones -Reply

Jim Homoki writes:

> I have "The Oval and the Keystone", but you're not missing much.
> There are a couple of good scenes, but much of the video is
> too dark. Overall, disappointing, especially when compared to the
> recent Green Frog PC production.  I think Revelation Video produced it.

Thanks for the info.  I'll keep my eyes open for it at bargain prices.

As for the Green Frog video, for everyone that has noticed that it is
labelled "Volume 1, 1968-1969-1970", I recently spoke with Green Frog and
yes, there are plans for a Volume 2. They say Emery Gulash has more footage
that they plan on using.  No dates though. 

Stay tuned...

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