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PC: Norfolk Southern to delay Conrail takeover

I'm sorry that this dosen't directly deal with a PC issue, but I does 
affect most of us.  Wait, I'll make it a PC issue.  My question is, did 
the PRR and NYC do anything like the following message I got?

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>Norfolk Southern to delay Conrail takeover
>                  Compiled by CBS MarketWatch
>                  Last Update: 07:51 AM July 27, 1998
>                  NEW YORK (CBS.MW) -- Norfolk Southern (NSC) will
>temporarily cut
>                  service to several cities and postpone the $10 
>breakup of Conrail
>                  because the industry can't handle any more chaos, The 
>Street Journal
>                  reported Monday. The move by Norfolk Southern to 
postpone the
>                  takeover until later this year or early next comes 
>days after the federal
>                  rail regulator gave its final approval for the 
breakup of
>Conrail to Norfolk
>                  and CSX Corp. (CSX). CSX has said it prefers to take 
>its portion of
>                  Conrail in the spring. Analysts said the delay could 
>both rail companies'
>                  bottom line by depriving them of anticipated 
>(The Wall Street
>                  Journal) 
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