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Re: PC: Life Like Proto 1000 50' box car

> The detail on the X-72 that I saw was the same as in the original. Cast
> on steps etc. but the underframe is new with the metal wheel/truck combo
> from the current Proto 2000 series and knuckle couplers frame mounted. 

Did you notice if the underframe had all cast-on detail, or if the brake
hardware were separate parts. (like a shake the box kit?)

> The car was in PC paint a good rendition alot better than the Tootsie
> roll versions of the past. 

The LL paint comes off *very* easily in denatured alcohol. :^)

> My gut feeling is that any of the old LL cars that were of a prototype 
> are candidates for the 1000 series. 

Any mention of the prices on these?  I would have to guess that they will
fall in the $5-$10 range

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