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Re: PC: Life Like Proto 1000 50' box car

In a message dated 98-07-27 10:04:17 EDT, you write:

> The trick with these is not to look in real hobby stores. Go to places like
>  Toys 'R' Us and other department store toy stores.

Yes sir, that's the place to go. I've pick 'em up at WE BE TOYS :^)
for as low as $2 per car. Of course you've got to strip off the mega
paint Vlasic Pickles scheme. The problem with finding them at
train shops is that for some reason they've been a "J" item w/
Walthers meaning they have a higher wholesale price and the 
dealers don't make as much per car as say a Athearn or MDC. Of
course the fact they never made them w/ a prototypical scheme
didn't help either....


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