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Re: PC: Life Like Proto 1000 50' box car

> Has the detail on these been improved over the earlier LL offering? Are
> there pictures for these cars on the web? When will they be released?

My understanding is that they will ride on Proto 2000 style trucks/wheels
and have body mounted couplers.  This indicates that the underframe tooling
will have been reworked.  I don't know what will be done with the shell.
Probably not much. Separate ladders/brake hardware would be nice, but too
close to Proto 2000 complexity. The shells on these cars are not that
bad. The interesting thing will be paint schemes. The stated Proto 2000
philosophy is that they will offer prototype schemes only. If this is
followed for the P1K cars, the X72 box cars should only be available in
Penn Central, Conrail and Canadien National.

> Good news overall, as I have never been able to find the older ones in
> stores or at shows.

The trick with these is not to look in real hobby stores. Go to places like
Toys 'R' Us and other department store toy stores.

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