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PC: ADMIN: Info Sheet (revised) -- PLEASE READ AND SAVE!

I updated the PC Mailing List info sheet file about a month ago, but
I'm just now getting around to sending the revised version out. The
Info Sheet is the help file and usage guide for the mailing list. If
you're a recent subscriber, you may already have this. Please save
this file somewhere for your future reference. -JWJ


(Last revised 6/26/98)

This is the Penn Central Railroad mailing list. This mailing 
list is for discussing all aspects of the Penn Central Railroad, 
including but not limited to: operations, motive power, track 
arrangements, predecessors, etc. Feel free to ask questions on 
this list--it's what I created it for!

General Guidelines

The following are the "rules of the rails" for this list. There
aren't too many, but all members of the list are asked to and are
required to abide by these guidlines.

1. While the subject of the list is the Penn Central railroad, which
existed from 1968 to 1976, there is room for overlap to predecessor
and succesor railroad topics. Items from the predecessor railroads
which were around during the PC era are allowed to be discussed, as
long as they reasonably relate to the PC. For example, NYC GP40s and
PRR SD45s are OK discussion topics, but NYC Niagaras and PRR Sharknose
diesels are considered off-topic, and would be better discussed in a
different forum.

2. Any SPAM, unsolicited commercial emails, or other disruptive and 
abusive behavior will NOT BE TOLERATED. Offenders will be removed, 
and their ISP's will notified. This mailing list is conducted in a
"family atmosphere." Yes, there are children who read this list. So
foul language, name calling, etc., will not be tolerated. Just 
because children read this list doesn't mean that you have to act
like one. Fortunately, this has not been a problem in the past, and
I don't expect it to become one.

2a. "For sale" type postings of Penn Central-related items are
permissible for individuals only. If you are trying to sell a
spare timetable or china plate and want to post an annoucement
about it, that is permissable, provided that followups to the
message are through private e-mail. On the other hand, no dealers 
or companies are permitted to advertise their PC wares here. If
you want to mention products of companies that you are not
affiliated with, fine. If in doubt, ask the list owner.

3. Do not cross-post messages to the PC list to other individuals
or mailing lists. The PC list is a closed list--only subscribers
can post to it. When a message is crossposted to a number of
addresses and a non-subscriber replies to all recepients of the
message, it bounces and I get an error message in my mailbox. I
try to keep this list from being a burden on my time, and fixing
errors like this doesn't help. Therefore, crossposting messages is 
forbidden on the PC mailing list.

4. When replying to a message, if you quote the previous message,
edit it down to remove parts of the message that don't
correspond to what you a replying to. If you aren't quoting the
original message, please delete it. In other words, always edit
out any unnecessary text from your messges. Quoting a 25 line message
and adding a 2 line reply at the end wastes bandwidth on the Internet
(it's slow enough as it is) and it bogs down my list server (which is
overworked and underpowered as it is), not to mention it's one of my
major pet peeves.....

5. By default, all messages sent to the list are automatically set to
reply back to the list. Therefore, if you want to mail a personal
reply to a post, be sure you change the address on the To: line of
your message. Sending personal replies to the mailing list can be
quite embarassing.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe Instructions
Please READ the following instructions. They will help you when 
unsubscribing or subscribing to the PC mailing list. Please DO NOT
mail me and ask me to add or remove you--if you can read this, 
you can follow the directions below:

To subscribe send a message to majordomo -AT- smellycat.com, and
in the body include only the words:

"subscribe penn-central" (without the quotes)

To unsubscribe send a message to majordomo -AT- smellycat.com, and
in the body include only the words:

"unsubscribe penn-central" (without the quotes)

To send a message to the mailing list, send the message to
penn-central -AT- smellycat.com

For help, send a message to majordomo -AT- smellycat.com
In the body include the line:


If you change mail providers, please unsubscribe from your former
address and subscribe using your new address. If you need help with
this or are unable to do so, please mail me and I can help you out.
I will remove any subscribers whose mail starts bouncing back with
"User Unknown", "Mailbox Full", or other similar errors.  I realize
that sometimes there are intermittent problems on the net which can
cause mail to bounce back, but if it happens multiple times, I will
remove addresses when I am tired of seeing bounce messages.... 

Thank you, and enjoy! If you have any other questions, feel free
to e-mail me.

Jerry Jordak
Penn Central Mailing List owner
jer -AT- smellycat.com

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