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PC: More on green paint -Reply

>>> JEROME A ROSENFELD <BDXT30A -AT- prodigy.com> 07/24/98
02:37pm >>>
Also at the time you saw the freshly painted gon, there were also 
freshly paintes and lettered box cars. At the time these cars were 
not owned by CR but PC who maintained them. Even though PC was no 
longer a RR it was still their equipment.


Huh??  Please site your reference.  I have never heard of such a
thing.  Conrail owned the stuff, although technically the ownership
may be held by a trust, similar to the way a person owns a house
but a bank holds the mortgage.  All operating assets were
tranferred to Conrail (and Amtrak, and maybe others too).  Now
somebody can remind me of a piece of track in Conn. that PC
did not give up, but PC was basically out of the RR business.


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