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Re: PC: Internet Message


Yes, Mr. Goode is at least railfans of a sort.  I am not sure that a
railfan in his position would continue the 611.

Remember, the 611, 4501, et.al. were great pr for the railroad.  But
with liability costs today and the growth of railroad freight
something had to go.  You can bet that freight would not be the one to
go, so that left the passenger train specials as the pick.  Plus there
were getting precious few viable parts for the steam engines so that
they could operate on main-line trackage.  The last thing that the
railroad wanted was a train load of passengers stranded on a broken
down special that would block the profit(freight).

Yea, I guess I sound like the shades of Dennis Brosnan. But I was
"raised" on a diet of Brosnan. So forgive me if this upsets anyone,
but freight and profit are the only reason for the railroad today. 
Maybe someday passengers will be "for the good of the company".  Until
then, there are still quite a few "railfans" in management.  Better a
non passenger railroad than no railroad at all.

---JEROME A ROSENFELD <BDXT30A -AT- prodigy.com> wrote:
> And so is supposedly NS President Goode allegedly a railfan, a 
> railfan that did away with the 611 trips.  Would a railfan really do 
> this?
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