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Re: PC: PC paint schemes -Reply

plenty of early - early conrail cars got painted in PC green, and some cars
were redone with EL maroon as well.   There's another case where an EL SW
got painted in PC black when it was relettered, too - I think they just
used up their paints before an official paint scheme was placed, or in the
case of these PC cars someone figured the NYC green was "close enough" and
needed to be used up.

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

: From: Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com
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: Subject: Re: PC:  PC paint schemes -Reply
: Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998 10:12 AM
: > Absolutely.  However, what I was inferring was that
: > NYC green is commonly called "Jade", and it is definitely 
: > a different shade from PC Green.  The way I see it, "Jade"
: Yup, no question about the difference there.  What's interesting is that
: in the PC Color Guide (as well as other references) Some PC equipment
: appears to have been painted in NYC Jade, then had PC lettering/logos
: applied.
: In some cases, the color balance of the photo may be off, but in at least
: one instance, the PC car was coupled to a NYC car, and the color match
: unmistakable...
: Early merger NYC stores clean out or mistake?
: > modelling articles in the past where both the names and
: > paints were used interchangeably for NYC and PC equipment.
: Yup. A common, but apparently diminishing problem.
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