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Re: PC: Putnam Div. and NYW&B Rwy. tresspassing

> Metro-North RR couldn't do with the Putnam Division as Boston did with
> their Old Colony service recently.  It shows the difference between the

Really?  They did not expect the Old Colony service to even have any
ridership.  Did you notice the lack of bilevel coaches, large time head
ways, waybill operation?  They single-tracked much of line, and 
practically gave up on Plymouth, MA at the southern end.  Things are a
little better on the Middleboro Line.  

Most parking lots were designed for low capacity, when they had
possibilites for much larger lots.  Several towns are complaining about
this already!  The line was designed as an afterthought.  I've talked to
engineers in the MBTA planning department, who couldn't figure out why
certain track layouts occurred.  There is weird passing siding with eight
crossovers in less then a mile.  Unfortunately a girl died there.  She
thought that she could duck through the gates after the train passed.

The whole thing is an afterthought to the big dig!  They had to make a
commuter line in order to retain federal funding.  Otherwise the state
wouldn't be "trying" to lower pollution.  Everything isn't roses.

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