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PC: Re: train watching spots that will keep your rear out of trouble and jail

One of the best is in Marion Ohio where we have NS,CSX and Conrail all of
which are double tracked and CSX and NS cross Conrail.  The property is
public, the Marion Union Station.  As to the subject of trespassing etc., it
is a two-edged sword.  Yes there are very well meaninng railfans, of which I
am proud to call myself.  There have been many times which those of us were
kind enough to assist the railroads and in Marion, I mean all three.  Since
we have two sets of four diamonds, they of course, take a h-ll of a beating
and just this last weekend, we notified NS of the problem, which was fixed.
If we kept our mouths shut then there could have easily been a derailment.
Numerous time we have also assisted when a train has gone into emergency and
have transported the conductor back to his train.  This is just to name a
few.  If we could get the drunks and the other fools off the tracks then I
don't think there would be near the problem as it is today.  Thanxz!!!!!
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From: Chuck McDonald <indycdmc -AT- frs-l.com>
To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com <penn-central@smellycat.com>
Date: Tuesday, July 21, 1998 8:17 PM
Subject: PC: train watching spots that will keep your rear out of trouble
and jail

>Hi my name is chuck mcdonald (15 yrs old).
>Although i have been train watching in avon yrd. in Indianapolis they
>didnt mind when i went. Mabe it was because it was 2 yrs ago. I also
>stayed in the car.
>Some good spots for train watching in north west ohio are:
>1. Deshler, OH- a crossing of CSX's (ex-b&o) Double track chicago-new
>york main and the single track Detroit-cincinatti main. About 50-80
>trains per day. in deshler there is a park and some benches where you
>can sit and you are not more than 50 ft. from the diamonds. Trains also
>cross from the north south line to the east west line.
>2.Fostoria, oh- 30 miles east of deshler. It has the crossing of two csx
>mains (one C&O one B&0)and the norfolk southern line from chicago to
>buffalo (ex-nkp). The best spot to park is at the amtrak station in
>fostoria. Also it has (it was working 2 yrs ago) a working signal
>tower!!!  Many trains cross over from the b&o going east onto the c&o
>going north. Also a very good spot to train watch.
>3. Mortimer, Oh (north findlay)- located 20 miles south east of deshler.
>It has the crossing of the NS (NKP) Chicago-Buffalo and Conrail
>(NYC)Toledo-Columbus branch. Watch out for rr police here. If you do go
>here look down the ns tracks and you can see the ex-station.  To get to
>it turn at the elks and go cross the first track and turn left inbetween
>the 1st and 2nd track.  A good place to trainwatch.  If you want to stay
>out of trouble there is a trainwatching group that has a permit to be
>here. Contact larry snodgrass(man with the permit) for more details
>(sory dont have the address or phone #).
>If you have any good spots in sou. Illinois, indiana, or northwest ohio
>please tell me.  Also if you would like the scanner frequencies e-mail
>me at Indycdmc -AT- frs-l.com  .
>Chuck mcdonald
>Po box 8516
>Robinson IL, 62454

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