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PC: Re: Speaking about movie errors....

With all our conversation about movie producers making errors in obejects in
the backgrounds of the shots, primarily historical authenticity errors, did
anyone notice the one the producers made of the TRAINS UNLIMTED: the Water
Level Route episode?  This was the worst error I've ever seen, and I'm
wondering if anyone else picked up on it.

At the end, while summing everything up about the New York Central, they
stated first how "people are rediscovering cherished icons of the New York
Central like Grand Central Terminal" (I see it being restored, but I doubt any
of the people that pass through it that aren't raifans are rediscovering the
NYC.  They don't even know there was a New York Central! ), and then they
stated that, "New York Central rails are being readied for Amtrak's new high
speed American Flyer train, a proud decendent of the 20th Century Limited." 

BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!  Talking about movie errors in RR authenticity, this is
horrendous!  What New York Central rails are being readied for the American
Flyer?  None, exactly.  This is no Steven Spielberg (sp?) movie that takes
place in 1950 about some young couple who just happens to pass the "whatever
yard" outside of Chicago, and in the background is a Metra commuter train,
this is a HISTORY CHANNEL documentary on the New York Central System!  How can
they get this wrong?!  I feel like writing to them, and saying I think you
people got NEW 'YORK CENTRAL' rails mixed up with NEW 'HAVEN' rails! They
won't care anyway.  They probably only made that series to shut up railfans up
so we won't complain that they never have anything on about trains.

John Weyhausen

BTW, I'm the same John Weyhausen, just with a new screen name.  I got it out
of "New York Central" (the "NYC" part) "4600" series MU's (the "4600" part),
which are the 1962 order of New York Central  electric MU cars that became
Penn Central's 1100 series, the cars a number of us discussed for a while.
I'm sure "PC1100" isn't taken as a screen name for anyone that's a vintage MU
fan.  I myself like old MU's, but HATE the M-1's, M-2's, M-3's, M-4's,and
M-6's, and the upcoming M-7's the arrival of which on the Metro-North RR will
be the death notice of the old Penn Central 1100 series sadly.  May they rest
in peace as they will join the big MU yard in the sky with the old NYC
1906-1907 deckroof MU's they helped to replace in the 1960's.  

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