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Re: PC: movie errors

That's about like when they ran "Summer Of My German Soldier" in high
school - it was made in the late '70's and set during WWII.  They got the
locomotive right, using SR mike 4501 - looked like the cars were right out
of the excursion group, complete with '70's era SR logos - The more amusing
error was later when they needed a fright train - same passenger - painted
green engine, hauling a bunch of modern Southern 50' boxcars.   Just a
little closer than double-stacks... but it's a case of using what they had,
those sort of errors are common.  I can think of a movie set in 1962 and if
you look out the back of the car in one scene as they drive through town,
about a '75 Firebird is visible following them - I can think of lots of
train related errors too (a Shay in Maine in 1959? wide-vision cabooses
behind steam?) It's either two things, one a case of where they assume
people won't know the difference, or like was already mentioned - they
shoot a bunch of takes and use the best one and if it has a wrong detail,
it gets missed or dismissed - by then it's too late/expensive to reshoot it

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

: From: Christian Axsiom <rcaxsiom -AT- maxwell.syr.edu>
: To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
: Subject: Re: PC: resend
: Date: Saturday, July 11, 1998 10:49 AM
: At 03:44 PM 7/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
: >     Hello all...
: >
: >     Normally, I do not consider myself such a consumer of fine movies
: >     make such a call, but I could not resist this one...
: >
: >     I just viewed the ICE STORM last night for the first time. ...
: 	I haven't seen ICE STORM myself, but Rod brings up an interesting point.
: It's always interesting to see how filmmakers portray the more technical
: details of the past.  I remember my suspension of disbelief being jolted
: during JFK when I saw a stack train with BN (I think) containers moving
: in the background of one scene -- and this was supposed to be 1963!!!
: 	If these details give viewers a false idea of history or geography (or
: anything else for that matter), then I think the filmmakers should have
: their cameras confiscated :^), but usually these things are fairly
: incidental.  Oliver Stone really couldn't have rung up BN and said,
: I'm shooting JFK today, you think could run some mint condition 1960s
: boxcars and Geeps by today instead of the stacks?"*  And certainly a
: smaller film's director or production designer would love to have had a
: perfectly preserved station, line, and rolling stock to use in the film,
: but as we know all too well, it's not 1970 anymore!  WE all can spot the
: errors, but the majority of their viewers won't know or care.  I think we
: should cut ICE STORM and its makers some slack.  In fact, given what I
: in JFK, and the millions of errors that probably creep into other movies,
: we should probably applaud them for remembering PENN CENTRAL at all. 
: I don't want to go off topic, but anyone know of any other glaring
: cinematic errors?  Does Oliver Stone win the grand prize for his 1963 BN
: stacks? 
: *Admittedly, Stone could have shot the scene in a different spot, or if
: wanted a train in the shot, he could have shot it on a shortline or at a
: museum with more appropriate rolling stock.  Who knows? Maybe he thought
: about it and decided it wasn't worth the expense to keep the railfans
: happy?  I don't think so.  I'll bet they set up the shot, did several
: takes, and their happened to be a train passing when they got "THE take."
: And Stone could have thought it was more important to have the rest of
: location look right (at the expense of rail accuracy), or perhaps he
: thought no one would pay enough attention to the train to notice.  Little
: did he know ... 
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