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Re: PC: Round roof boxcars

NES3524 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> In any event, thanks for the research guys.  With apparently only one car of
> each class, I guess I can pretty much forget coming across any photos of them.
> Nonetheless, I'm still giving very serious thought to modeling an X31 in PC
> paint.  I just wonder which version of lettering scheme would be the most
> likely to be correct?!  Then again, no-one will be able to prove my choice
> wrong either!!

Actually, I have seen one myself of a round-roof car in PC colors, and
I know who has the slide--it's just that I don't see him much, and I'd
have to arrange to get the slide duplicated, scanned, or whatever. So
hang in there--maybe in a few months I might be able to post it on the
PC pages.


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