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Re: PC: Round roof boxcars

In a message dated 98-07-08 08:20:23 EDT, JHOMOKI -AT- mbakercorp.com writes:

<< >X31a    #118490-119489 series shows only one car in 1970 - gone by
 >X31 dd  #140000-140009 series shows only one car in 1970 - gone by

 >Could this be all ?  Two cars ??
    *****       Do you have the numbers of those two?!!   ******

Also, any X32's in 1970?

 I checked a July 1969 equipment register and did not find any X31 or
 X32 cars, but there was a single X30 listed along with several
 subclasses of X29 cars.
    Hmm, why would the X31 show up in 1970 but not 1969?

In any event, thanks for the research guys.  With apparently only one car of
each class, I guess I can pretty much forget coming across any photos of them.
Nonetheless, I'm still giving very serious thought to modeling an X31 in PC
paint.  I just wonder which version of lettering scheme would be the most
likely to be correct?!  Then again, no-one will be able to prove my choice
wrong either!!

Ned Schwartz

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